Hi, I am Seoyoung Kim [suh·young·kim],
a Ph.D. candidate in Marketing at the Terry College of Business, University of Georgia. My goal as a researcher is to generate knowledge about how the market evolves and how firms’ marketing strategies should evolve in response to changes in the marketplace. I will be joining the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University as an Assistant Professor in Marketing in Fall 2022.


My research interests revolve around a question that impacts customers and firms: “How do firms evolve in response to marketing-related disruptions in the market?”
Fundamental paradigm shifts in the marketplace redefine how firms’ strategic decisions and actions are understood, implemented, and evaluated. I investigate dynamic interactions between firms and the market through a wide range of theoretical lenses such as the neo-institutional theory, strategic change, organizational isomorphism, and symbolic management theory. I analyze a variety of structured and unstructured data using various quantitative techniques such as applied econometric modeling, causal-inference machine learning, text analysis, and financial market modeling to investigate substantive research questions about market disruptions.


Ph.D. in Marketing, University of Georgia, USA (2017 - 2022)

  Dissertation Committee Chair: Sundar Bharadwaj

M.S. in Marketing, Korea University, South Korea (2015 - 2017)

  *Best Thesis Proposal Award, Korea University Business School

B.B.A. in Business Administration (1st Major), Korea University, South Korea (2010 - 2015)
B.A. in Fashion Design & Merchandising (2nd Major), Korea University, South Korea (2010 - 2015)



“Influence of Pull Marketing Actions on Marketing Action Effectiveness of Multichannel Firms: A Meta-Analysis,” with Peng Zhang and Anindita Chakravarty, conditionally accepted at the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.


Kim, Seoyoung*, Sungkyu Lee, Jong-Ho Lee, and Charles R. Taylor (2020), “Can premium private labels compete with luxury brands: the impact of advertising on perceived luxuriousness,” International Journal of Advertising, 39 (6), 761-782.


“Going Digital to Conform and Perform: Learning Logics Underpinning Digital Advertising Spending,” with Sundar Bharadwaj, (In preparation for submission to the Journal of Marketing)

[Brand Activism] with Sundar Bharadwaj (In preparation for submission to the Journal of Marketing Research).

“Not Too Little, Not Too Much: How to Communicate to Consumers during the COVID-19 Crisis” with Son K. Lam, Pengyuan Wang (In preparation for submission to the Marketing Letters).

“Engaging for good” with Omar Rodríguez-Vilá and Sundar Bharadwaj (Data analysis stage).

“Role of Knowledge Networks in Idea Evolution in Marketing Academia” with Anindita Chakravarty and Sundar Bharadwaj (Data analysis stage).

[Sales Lead Qualification using Machine Learning] with Pengyuan Wang, Michel Van der Borgh and Son K. Lam (Data analysis stage).

“A Critical Review of Process Research in Marketing” with Michel Van der Borgh and Son K. Lam (Idea generation stage).


“Brand Activism and Consumer Responses” with Sundar Bharadwaj

  AMA Summer Academic Conference, August 2021, Virtual.

  Theory + Practice in Marketing Conference, June 2021, Virtual.

  ISMS Marketing Science Conference, June 2021, Virtual.

“Learning Logics Underpinning Digital Advertising Spending” with Sundar Bharadwaj

  EMAC 2021 Doctoral Colloquium, May 2021, Virtual.

  Southeast Marketing Symposium, April 2021, Virtual.

  AMA Winter Academic Conference, February 2021, Virtual.

  Doctoral Research Showcase - Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference, November 2020, Virtual.

  ISMS Marketing Science Conference, June 2020, Virtual.

  AMA Winter Academic Conference, February 2019, Austin, TX.

“A Meta-Analysis of Multichannel Distribution Effectiveness” with Peng Zhang and Anindita Chakravarty

  AMA Winter Academic Conference, February 2019, Austin, TX.

  Southeast Marketing Symposium, January 2019, Memphis, TN.

“Advertising’s Influence on Perceived Luxuriousness of a Premium Private Label” with Sungkyu Lee, Jong-Ho Lee, and Charles R. Taylor

  Special Session on “Luxury Brand Advertising: Theory and Practice” - Global Fashion Management Conference, July 2017, Vienna, Austria.

  AMA Summer Academic Conference, August 2016, Atlanta, GA.

  Global Marketing Conference, July 2016, Hong Kong, China.

  The Mystique of Luxury Brands Conference, May 2016, Shanghai, China.



“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

At the core of my pedagogical philosophy is the question, “Is it relevant enough to students?” I consider teaching a process in which I help students internalize new knowledge by making their learning be more relevant to them. My approach to teaching builds on my scholarly perspective of seeing marketing as a lens that allows us to better understand what is happening in our daily lives.

With my passion for marketing driving major parts of my life, marketing cannot be more relevant to me. However, I understand it may not be the case for most students taking my course. Thus, when teaching marketing to students, I strive to motivate them to realize the beauty of marketing and relate marketing to their lives as much as I do.


International Marketing (Rating: 4.91/5.00, 98.2%), Instructor of Record, University of Georgia (Spring 2021)

International Marketing (Rating: 4.96/5.00, 99.2%), Instructor of Record, University of Georgia (Spring 2020)

Principles of Marketing, Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Georgia (Fall 2019)

Teaching Assistant for International Visiting Professors, Global MBA, Korea University (2015-2016)


 (Comments in their entirety)

“Professor Kim is amazing! Seriously, I have nothing bad to say about her. She’s fantastic. Always came prepared to class and encouraged us to speak up and share our thoughts. She’s a fantastic educator and UGA is lucky to have her here. Thanks for everything Professor Kim! You are the best.”

“Professor Kim is one of the best professors I have taken at UGA! She is very knowledgable and really cares about her students understanding every single concept. Well organized, and lovely person!”

“Professor Kim was wonderful! She is very understanding, and easy to bring up conversations with. She taught effectively and concisely!”

“Professor Skye Kim did a great job as a graduate student making this material engaging and relevant to what we wanted to learn. I think her interactive google sheet with discussion questions was a good way to keep people engaged in the readings and to further their thought process on the material at hand. She also did a good job of incorporating students thoughts into the powerpoints in class and has done a good job of responding during these online classes. She has been super understanding and very informative during this pandemic process which has helped with my studies.”

“I think the instructor is very knowledgeable and is very helpful. She offers very helpful feedback on our work and shares new perspectives. I like that she includes many examples in her slides as well.”

“I loved this class. I think the textbook was really great and your powerpoints closely aligned with the text. I also really enjoyed how the professor incorporated real-life videos and examples into the lecture for us to further understand the material. Also, those types of examples are useful to have in our career and life, so I appreciate that there was not much emphasis on just memorizing terms.”

“The instructor was really good at making concepts relatable to something that we might know outside of the classroom. She was knowledgeable on the subject as well.”

“Professor Kim was by far my favorite professor this semester! She was a such a supportive professor and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with the course load, and excited about the course material and coming to class. It was evident she cared deeply about getting to know each of her students and put a lot of effort into making her course interesting to her students.”

“Our professor came better prepared than any professor I have ever had. She was enthusiastic, caring, and made such an effort to make sure we all knew the material before each test and by the end of the semester. She was attentive to every single person in my class. She did an amazing job!”

“Professor Kim was also wonderful, always answering questions. Stimulating conversation, and answering our emails and questions very swiftly.”

“The instructor did very well at expressing the material and making it easy for students to understand. I was very pleased with her and she helped me learn a lot. Would definitely take another class with her.”

“Instructor was great, super friendly to students, easy to contact, and very engaging in discussions! I would definitely take another course with Ms. Kim!!”

“Loved this class! Such a great experience.”

“I appreciated the emphasis put on real-world examples and application. I also enjoyed the group assignments.”

“I liked the use of outside media to help us understand the concepts we had to learn. The discussions we participated in were also interesting and helpful.”

“The course was really well organized. I enjoyed the current event presentations and pre-class participation questions because it was different from my other classes. I also really enjoyed the videos shown during lectures.”

“This has been one of my favorite courses to take at UGA, it was very well organized and taught real world skills.”

“The instructor was always prepared and easy to contact.”

“This instructor is one of the best instructors I have ever had in my 4 years at UGA. She actually cares about her students and showed us this multiple times. She was approachable and always answering questions extremely fast. I don’t think she could improve on anything that comes to mind.”

“Professor Kim was fantastic!! She was so enthusiastic about class and the international topics of marketing. She was extremely informed about current events, and very helpful with the project. I would take another course with her she was amazing!!!”

“The instructor was always available and emailed back quickly, which I appreciated. She really did care about making sure we understood the material and that if we had questions, they were answered helpfully. I don’t have any comments to make about improvement because I think she was an excellent professor.”

“The instructor was very enthusiastic about teaching the course and was helpful and available when I had questions or issues with the classwork.”

“Very sweet and asks for feedback from students and tries to incorporate it.”

“You did a great job! You kept us engaged and made sure we understood everything before moving on.”

“Everything was great.”

“Course was super interesting and I wish there were more levels to this information so I could learn more about international business and marketing. The book is very up to date and helps me research more into the concepts were are studying. I liked the interactive group projects and individual presentation that made us research more into recent international studies that interested us.”

“She did a very good job of keeping us engaged and enthusiastic about the material.”

“I really liked Professor Kim. She is very kind and even knew all of our names after a week or two. I have never had a professor do that.”

“I love this class! Such a wonderful professor. Cared about us.”

“Great class.”


Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Georgia, 2022

Best Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Award - Runner-up, Society for Marketing Advances, 2021

HigherEd SIG Doctoral Student Grant, AMA, 2021

Fellow, ISMS Doctoral Consortium, 2021

Fellow, EMAC Doctoral Colloquium, 2021

John Munro & Flavel McMichael Godfrey Graduate Scholarship, University of Georgia, 2020-2021

Fellow, Marketing Strategy Consortium, 2020

Sawtooth Software Grant, Sawtooth software, 2020

Pittard Distinguished Ph.D. Fellowship, University of Georgia, 2019-present

Virgil D. Cover Scholarship, University of Georgia, 2019-2021

Korea University Southeast Alumni Scholarship, KU Southeast Alumni Association, 2019

Best Paper of the Track Award – “Inter-firm Complexity”, Winter AMA Conference, 2019

William O. Bearden Doctoral Student Research Award, Southeast Marketing Symposium, 2019

Best Thesis Proposal Award, Korea University Business School, 2016


Art Docent, "A more perfect day" - Musée d’Art Modern Grand-Duc Jean Special Exhibition - Art Sonje Center, South Korea (2013)

Marketing & PR Intern, Intel Corp., South Korea (2013)

Student Writer, CéCi Magazine – JoongAng Magazine & Book, South Korea (2012)
*Best Student Editor Award & Scholarship


Seoyoung Kim

Ph.D. Candidate, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia

B327 Amos Hall, 620 S. Lumpkin St. Athens GA, 30602